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Survive never-ending waves of superpowered ants in SciAnts, an exciting, fast-paced arcade game for mobile!

You are the sole technician aboard a Zero-G Genetic Engineering Facility. Your job was a relatively simple one: supervise the automated production of SciAnts, a new strain of bio-engineered commercial-grade worker ants.

Unfortunately for you, the SciAnts have escaped into the facility's automatic food dispenser, causing it to malfunction and constantly dispense food. Now the SciAnts are pilfering your limited food supply and bringing it back to their queen. You've got to eat as much food as you can, as fast as you can, before they get away with all your grub!


  • Experience fast-paced and frenetic ant-squishing action!
  • Level up and earn experience points as you eradicate the SciAnt swarm. Your powers will automatically level up alongside you.
  • Boost your bug-bludgeoning ability with 3 power-ups: use bombs for immediate damage, use the freeze ray to immediately stop all SciAnts on screen, and unleash poisonous clouds to deal damage over time.
  • Enjoy endless gameplay. Procedurally generated levels mean you can play forever!
  • Challenge yourself in 6 special Challenge Modes!
  • Earn achievements and climb the leaderboards with Google Play Game Services.

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